Joe Lawton

Paranormal Investigation

As a kid growing up hearing stories of my grandmother's family living in a haunted house in St. Louis, I was a little curious. But it wasn't until 2009 when I began actually diving into this unique field...where science meets the unexplainable. In 2014, my girlfriend and I became team members of the Paranormal Task Force and participate in private investigations as well as public events.


Want to jump in?

Paranormal Task ForceWatch the Paranormal Task Force website for upcoming public events where you can actually be a ghost hunter for the evening or night!

Is it real or just made for TV?

Every case and location is unique, and some of the TV shows may sensationalize for ratings. Yet some of the things I've experienced cannot be explained away easily. I always approach with an open mind but an analytical process to rule out the explainable.


Craziest thing to happen...

FlashlightDuring one of our first investigations, we actually had a Q&A session with a spirit of a house via means of a flashlight that could be turned on by the slightest press of a button! Wanting to rule out false positives, I checked the flash light a few times, even resetting it, but the very last question we asked "Could you turn on the flashlight if you like living here?" resulted in the flashlight turning on full brightness!